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I finally got my SocialVibe pink ball in the mail today. I was so excited because it feels like getting your pink ball is like someone telling you that you just helped something positive in the world in your life. And here is your prize. I don't care much about getting something in return for helping out the world. It's just the point that now I can actually prove that I am for helping the world and that I'm not only doing it for the prizes and points but for positive reasons.

If you haven't recieved your pink ball yet I wouldn't give up. Just keep helping your cause and sponsor helping the world and eventually you'll earn it. Hopefully I'm going to take some nice photos with it and post it up on here eventually. And I'll only post it up here and on socialvibe. Not on myspace! I need some exclusive things :).

Haha, this really made my day. Getting this pink ball is like getting a grammys award infront of thousands of actors and actress. WOOOO!!!! I WIN! And this is not my ending point. I'm gonna go on and keep earning those points and helping the world. And while your sitting here why don't you go to my myspace and CLICK my socialvibe sign to join. And help make a difference right from your computer.

Oh yah, any grammar mistakes in my journals ignore them. Not everybody is perfect :). Haha, Bye!
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