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I was high disappointed when the News 12 site put up that Newark Public Schools was cancelled due to the heavy amount of snow coming in last night. And I was really expecting a fun day at school. You see, I'm not like the other teen's who hate going to school. I see school as not only a place to be educated but also to hang around with your friends and be educated along with them.

Not to be a drama king and all, but not to think I had already spent about two hours looking at some fashion blogs that's in NY and Paris figuring out my outfit for the next day. Yes it's that important, I like to keep myself up to par these days. I remember when I use to just throw on some beaten up sneakers and grass stained jeans with any kind of T-shirt and go right on to school with the hugest back-pack. Well that was elementary/middle. I'm glad those days are over.

Don't you hate when adults tell you that you'll wish you were a child again? I do a lot because they don't know that. I know I'll have to pay bills and all of that stuff but it's apart of having your own responsibility. And paying those bills and buying your own clothes and apartment comes to having your OWN stuff and OWN rules. Apartment from the Law. 

Lately I've been changing my mind of my career goals. Sometimes I feel like I want to be a photography, artist, architect, fashion designer, or model. I feel like alot of days lately. Hopefully all of this dreaming won't just be for nothing.
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Sometimes I feel like I sit here typing all of this for nothing. But sometimes I feel like this is actually helping me and it's worth my time. Today was my day to get my thoughts together. I took the whole entire day to nap and watch television. Sounds boring, yes I know. But it was relaxing. I can't get my mind of off something and I'm pretty much sick of it. Have you ever fallen in love with something you know you can never have. Well something that wasn't meant to be has taken control over my feelings.

Enough of my over the top emotions and boring topics. I just spent a whole ten minutes staring at Alex Evans new default picture on his Myspace. It really disturbs me that his photography of himself comes out so perfect. And that he receives 2000 picture comments in one hour. Are people really that into stalking on myspace. I would be lucky if I got 5 comments in one minute on my default picture. Whatever though, he's a lucky kid.

Everyone seems to be going to Wordpress when I leave Wordpress. Wordpress as in the domain owner of my past site. I guess when everyone sees a number of people using it they follow into it. Well I'm not going anywhere but staying on Live journal because Wordpress wasn't difficult but just boring point blank.

I'm probably going to be really upset over the next hour because I have to go tackle my closet and dressers to find something to for school the next morning. Yes it's that serious. I don't want to walk in a place full of people my age looking like a bum. Besides, I've been actually getting into fashion a little bit over the past weeks. I think i want to visit a thrift store this month. They actually have some cool things if you know how to put them together with your current wardrobe. And their perfect for a teenager when everything is usually under five dollars.

Ok that's it. Going to drown myself in taking pictures.

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I've usually been the one to try to go over the extreme and create something that will amaze someone or make another jealous. But it always fails. Instead of me not trying to be better than someone else I don't try to just do my best. I don't why I tend to be like that. I hate competition; it makes me way to nervous and to think about me always trying to be the better one is very unusual.

I moved away from my old site and onto live journal for the follow reasons. My site was a little bit frustrating. It was never cooperating on how I wanted it to look and it always received the worst number of responses and views. And instead of me going through that whole trouble trying to keep up with a site like that I can just make something as simple as this. A Live Journal.

Now I really feel like I have a complete online diary because I'm finally satisfied with all of my internet personalities. My Twitter, Myspace, and soon maybe my Model Mayhem. If it ever gets approved. They take forever to approve your pictures just to make sure your model material. I believe I am and even if I am rejected that won't put me down.

This week coming up is going to better than all of my other mornings. I don't have classes for most of my days until 10 A.M. Which is great because now I can actually go get breakfast with my friends and relax before I have to go use my brain power. Is anyone else excited about Bamboozle this year? I am, I can't wait. I love it that it's going to be only about twenty minutes away from me. The Giants Stadium!!! Even though it's two days I'm only going to go to one because that's when most of my favorite bands will be performing. Oh Yes!! I will finally get to take a picture with Caleb Turman. Google him if you don't know him because he's one of favorite guitarist. Not only that but I'll get to see Chris Crocker hopefully and the rest of the Superstars that you usually find out about on the internet. Oh and I would just like to say, Comments are disabled from my Journal, I'm just not interested in having to approve them all anymore. Neither will I be enthusiastic about getting a large friend count on Live journal because this to me is like my personal Diary. Only for me, but open to the republic. You don't have to love it, Hate it, but you do have to enjoy it.

That's about it, I'm gonna go prepare for my plans tonight. Au Revoir!
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