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I'm something different than your average dreamer, your average thinker, and your average artist. I'm someone who visualizes a simple word, a simple structure, and a simple photo as a beauty to ones eyes. I don't consider myself above average anyone, but what I do consider myself is someone different. Someone noticeable in a crowd of sparkling sea shells. I am Sharif Robinson. A Student, Artist, Friend, and A majestic person. A constant blogger, a one to smile, and the center of attention. Born in USA and to tell the truth, I'm ready to venture out more into the north. Canada Maybe? I look up to certain people as my idols, my inspiration, and the life that I dream to have. But as I dream, I realize. It has already began. Theirs no stopping, no waiting, and no pausing. I'm ready to take off onto the next flight, the next chapter, and the next journey. With all my friends here to support me, my family, and my beliefs. I have all the strength it takes to get what I want in life. Maybe I want the fame life, or maybe I just want the thought in my head that I am noticed and not the one hiding away from the crowd of paparazzi. And this here, this little space of web. Is my little special way of showing my portfolio of myself.